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No setup fees or monthly fees. User’s pay a competitive service fee when registering.

User Pays About


Per Registration $2 base fee for an average event registration of $30. Service fee is 6.5%, capped at $9.95

Pricing Details

With a small service fee, typically paid by users, you provide a convenient way for users to signup, while promoting your event and simplifying your event registration.

Free for free events

It’s absolutely free to post and promote your free events while getting all the powers features and benefits of Surf Signup.

Service Fee

6.5%, capped at $9.95 with a $2 minimum.
This is a fee that a user typically pays. You can choose to have the users pay or it can be absorbed into the event fee.

Payment Processing

While Surf Signup is free for organizers, American Express, Visa, and Mastercard processing fee applies to each transaction.

Standard credit card processing charges are 3.5% with $0.30 for each transaction.

Payouts are initiated 5 business days after your event’s end date. Direct deposits can take up to 5 business days to show in your account. You can see the status of your payout on your Event Dashboard under the account tab 24 hours after your event ends. Under certain circumstances, it is possible to get your money prior to event. Please contact us for details.